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OhioPaddler.com is an organization run by volunteers, dedicated to advancing the sport of canoe and kayak racing for paddlers of all skill levels. We support Ohio-based community paddling programs to facilitate awareness of and interest in marathon and downriver racing.


Join the USCA!

Anyone interested in the sport of Marathon Canoe Racing in Ohio is welcome to follow us here at OhioPaddler.com. We strongly encourage all our followers to join the USCA. USCA MEMBERSHIP runs from January 1st to December 31st regardless of when you pay. In order to keep the cost of being a member low, we need members to renew yearly; even if you can't attend one of the two national Championships for the year the organization still needs your support. Your money goes to awards, mailings, printing and distributing Canoe News, as well as supporting internationally competitive. Athletes and Parathletes. What it is not used for is any paid staff. We are a completely volunteer-run organization.